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Try not to be speechless by the beautiful kitchen of this tiny house!

Try not to be speechless by the beautiful kitchen of this tiny house!
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An amazing tiny house !

Do you like tiny houses ?

If so, you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting this incredible house that amazes us with its interior and details. If you don't like tiny homes, you could change your mind by seeing the pictures of this tiny house !

This residence shows us that it is not because a house is small that it's not beautiful !

Take a look you'll see what I'm talking about !

The kitchen

The designers were creative with the kitchen design, opting for a curved layout that takes advantage of one end of the home. Large windows provide plenty of natural light. The kitchen has lots of counter space and is large enough for full-size appliances.

The kitchen, again

The kitchen includes a beautiful gas range and oven tucked in the middle of the space. Small counters provide space for kitchen prep.

Admit that you do not expect to see a kitchen like that in a tiny house !

Main room

The beautiful open living space is accented with hardwood floors, large windows and custom lighting. The open concept creates the illusion of space and allows for easy socializing. Even guests in the loft area can get in on the conversation.


The stunning accent wood walls contrast beautifully with the lighter floors, and a fun barn door adds character and functionality to the decor. The loft is easily accessible via ladder, and guests can enjoy plenty of natural lighting from the skylight and large picture window.

Privacy in a house

The home includes privacy curtains, so residents have some privacy in the evening. The curtains can easily be pulled up to let in sunllight during the day. The cozy seating area also includes a stone fireplace! Wow!

A lot of space !

While the room looks small, there is plenty of room for a sectional sofa, table and TV. Adjustable blinds make it easy to control the amount of natural light coming in.

Barn door

The beautiful barn doors close the corridor leading to the bathroom and the bedroom. These doors have an interesting design element and take up less floor space than traditional doors.


The magnificent bathroom surprises with the all the details. Beautiful tiling, custom plumbing and glass doors give a spa feeling. Despite being stuck in a small corner, this shower is elegant and spacious.


The tiny house even has an outdoor area to relax; what else ?

What do you think of this tiny house ? Isn't it surprising ?

Source: Wheels smaller living · Photo Credit: Wheels smaller living

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