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Two young Portuguese build a 5-bedroom hotel inside a truck

Two young Portuguese build a 5-bedroom hotel inside a truck
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The sun, the beach and the waves ... It's a dream, isn't it? How about going surfing day and night, sleeping in a truck-hotel? What a dream to wake up in front of the sea and enjoy the salty air and the wind before grabbing a surfboard to slide on the waves.

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As backpacking trips and discovery trips are more and more popular, the number of out-of-the-ordinary accommodations is growing.

Two Portuguese surfers have thought of road trip and sea lovers by designing the perfect accommodation for those who like to discover the world. They transformed a truck into a two-storey wheeled hotel, featuring five rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a common room and a bathroom.

The Truck Surf Hotel is a Mercedes Actros truck converted with a hydraulic system allowing the walls and fence to expand. It becomes a two-storey wheeled hotel that provides the space of a home. It is surprising that a vehicle has so much space!

The advantage of this "hotel" is that you can park it in different places every day, which allows you to discover breathtaking landscapes every day of your trip.

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On the first floor there is a seating area with sofas and a table and a projector to watch movies.

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The kitchen cannot be more functional despite the small space.

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You can also take a shower in the bathroom beautifully decorated.

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On the floor we find five bedrooms. Four with bunk beds and a private double room.

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The project was developed by Daniela Carneiro, a former environmental engineer and surf photographer, and Eduardo Ribeiro, an award-winning surfer from Espinho. The duo aims to create a new way of traveling which combines surfing, nature and adventure.

You can book a week in Portugal from 614 euros ( $ CAD 928 ) per person, or in Morocco from 499 euros ( $ CAD 754 ) per person. Prices include breakfast, transportation, surfing sessions and stay.

Would you like to try this kind of adventure? We certainly bring back imperishable memories!

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