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Visit Chip and Joanna Gaines' beautiful house.

Visit Chip and Joanna Gaines' beautiful house.
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If you like Chip and Joanna Gaines as much as we do, you probably like to see the transformations they make in their TV show. We know that their TV show has stopped but we can still watch the old episodes on TV.

We offer you something different today; would you like to visit their farmhouse?

Their 1,700-square-foot ancestral home sits on 40 acres in Crawford, Texas, a suburb of Waco. When the couple is not busy transforming homes for customers or working on exciting new projects for their business, they are working on the layout of their farmhouse.

We invite you to discover their cozy little nest.

Good visit!

Before / After

When the couple bought their 1895 home (in 2012), they of course chose a house that needed to be transformed. The entire project took about a year and a half, but the house was worth the wait: what used to be a two bedroom house now accommodates a family of six with an open layout on the main floor.


When we say that the first glance is important; Isn't it a welcoming porch that makes us want to sit and watch nature for a moment?


Joanna constantly surprises us with her decorations because she always takes care to create a friendly and cozy space. Smart storage solutions pair with rustic finishings to make the space look inviting and open.

Living room

The living room, the kitchen and the dining room make a beautiful large open area.

Creating unity between rooms (which Joanna and Chip often do when removing walls in a house) keeps your family members as close as possible. A space like this is very convenient so you never feel separated from the guests when you meet friends and family.

The living room, other pictures
The living room also has a beautiful fireplace that brings a nice touch to the room.

Kitchen, dining room

The photo was taken during the holiday season. See how friendly this space is.

Kitchen, other photo

Joanna uses a lot of rustic elements in her house. This classic white kitchen is full of farmhouse accents that add interest. Open shelving puts colorful pots on display as fun accent pieces. "It's the heart of the home for me," said Joanna.

Office space

The open area also has a desk, simple, and beautiful.


When Chip and Joanna do not sleep, their comfortable bedroom offers them plenty of space to relax, when they need a break after a busy day of work.

Children's bedrooms

The children also have beautiful bedrooms decorated with a fun and friendly style. The first picture is the girls' room and the second picture is the boys' room.


I do not know how many bathrooms there are in this house but the decor of this one (the boys' bathroom) is absolutely beautiful. The boys of this family share a bathroom and the girls have another bathroom. I guess Chip and Joanna have a great ensuite bathroom, but I do not have the pictures !

Other picture

While this adorable space is meant to be a study area for the kids, Joanna used a playful design concept to decorate it like a local cafe, with lots of interesting details.

Enlarge the house

When Chip and Joanna decided to enlarge the house, they decided to renovate their attic, which increased the square footage of their home. The result is another sitting area, perfect for children who want to invite their friends to play games or do other activities.

20 hectares of land

Chip and Joanna's farmhouse sits on 40 acres, and while much of the land is dedicated to their farm (and 60 animals!), they also decided to have a quaint greenhouse and outdoor dining area. The rustic table set-up is perfect for family meals, or entertaining larger groups of guests.

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Source: Country living · Photo Credit: Country living

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