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Would you like to go camping in this beautiful little trailer?

Would you like to go camping in this beautiful little trailer?
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It's so cute !

Many of today's campers and trailers have an elegant, high-tech style, equipped with solar panels, gadgets and luxury amenities; but there is something nostalgic and appealing about this little caravan!

The latest to catch our eye is the Barefoot caravan built in the UK. The founder Cathy Chamberlain did not like the caravans available on the market so she started to build her own. Working with students from the Automotive and Transport Design Course at Coventry University, Chamberlain spent three years designing this mini fiberglass caravan.

Take a look at this little caravan that impresses with its interior !

16 feet long

At about 16 feet long, the egg-shaped monocoque features a compact living space where two people can sleep.

The interior has a small kitchen with a refrigerator, a two burner stove, solid oak countertops and a sink. It can be difficult to fit a bathroom in a trailer of this size, but the Barefoot has a shower, a toilet, a mirror, and even a sink! A good sized living and dining area transforms into a six foot by six foot bed which can sleep two.


The small caravan has windows with blackout blinds, LED lighting and a heating and hot water system. And retro-styled 13-inch hubcaps ! There is also storage for clothes, and the Barefoot even comes with a small wine rack ! This is amazing !


The modern kitchen is very functional ! People can choose the colors of the interior.


It is very rare to have a bathroom like this one in a small caravan, but the Barefoot offers you one ! This is really appreciated !


The space that is used as a living room and dining room transforms into a six foot by six foot bed. Not bad isn't it ?

The price .

The Barefoot Caravan currently sells for about $ 32,000 and unfortunately it's only available in the UK, but the designer of this caravan said there has been a huge interest in bringing the Barefoot Caravan to the United States, and the company is currently looking to partner with an American manufacturer. This means that we may have the chance to see some in Quebec in the near future.

Before the Barefoot crosses the Atlantic; what do you think of this tiny caravan? Do you like the interior? It is so functional this little caravan, right? Would you like to go on a trip with it?

Source: Curbed · Photo Credit: Curbed

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