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Would you live in a 560 square foot house like this one?

Would you live in a 560 square foot house like this one?
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Would you live in this house?

This house nicknamed "Northwest" was built by IDEABOX, a company located in Salem, Oregon.

This house is not very big, is 560 square feet and includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen, but what is most surprising about this house is the brightness and how the rooms are arranged; you just don't really feel like you're in a tiny house.

We often think that a smaller house means will equate to smaller, dark rooms, but, this one demonstrates that this is not always the case, and far from it!

Take a look for yourself and see!

Enjoy the tour!

Living room

Admit that you did not really expect to see a room such as this! The high ceilings give this space an incredible feeling! What a first impression! I was surprised to see such a decor, and you?

The living room, more photos

This other picture allows us to appreciate all the beauty of this room. The height of the ceiling really makes all the difference here. I can hardly believe that this house has only 560 square feet!


The kitchen space also has very high ceilings. This kitchen impresses me with its size and its beautiful windows. Look at all the counter-top work space: I could cook in this kitchen space, no problem, you?


The bedroom is nice with due to its layout as well as its large fenestration. For a house of 560 square feet, I am really impressed by the layout and size of its rooms.


Unfortunately, I have no other photos of this space, however, this one gives you an idea of the bathroom's decor. The bathroom is likely equipped with a bath/shower combination. Notice once again the size of the room: we don't feel too cramped in here!

Impressive, is not it?

Did you know that the company that makes this tiny house delivers it, ready for occupancy? The company also offers many other models of homes but this one costs about $113 400 USD. Not bad, right? Feel free to leave me your comments!

Source: Little living blog · Photo Credit: Little living blog

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