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Would you live in a church built in 1892?

Would you live in a church built in 1892?
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A church from 1892!

When architects start to transform an old building, in this case, an old church, it often gives a spectacular result!

The architectural firm Bagnato, transformed this church that was built in 1892! The old Anglican church has been completely transformed, while keeping architectural elements that make it possible to recognize the history of the house. A new part has even been added!

If you like residences that have a modern style with contemporary touches, you absolutely must look inside this church! It's absolutely beautiful!

It only remains for me to wish you a good visit!

The transformation

Formerly an Anglican church, the transformation incorporates a contemporary addition and interior fit out that has been compared to a luxury 5 star hotel, oozing theatrical and artistic themes using natural materials such as limestone, marble, granite, reclaimed wood, mirrors and a colour palette that is warm and inviting.

This multi-level home has been designed to incorporate beautiful rooms that seem to merge with each other to create the most graceful and inspiring space possible. Look at the pictures, you can already see that this is a huge transformation!


What do you think about this modern kitchen with its huge island? The room offers a view of the backyard of the house. It's bright and it's also simple. Do you like it?

The living room

The living room is in the old part of the church. A huge fireplace stands in the middle and make us look toward the roof. The roof has kept its architectural details. This is beautiful!


The nice terrace provides a nice space to receive guests. It should also be noticed that the new house also has a swimming pool! The first picture gives you the idea of the size of the living room.


The rooms, are pretty big, provide a simple, modern decoration. We are far from the small country house but the rooms are cozy.

Other living room

As the house is very big, it also has another nice little lounge.

Wine cellar

What about this wine cellar? It certainly makes its owners very happy!


The bathroom is also modern, like the rest of the house.

A stylish loft

The open space in the roof of the church has been converted into a New York-style loft. It is a multifunctional room with its own kitchenette and private bathroom. Roof skylights and a circular floor to ceiling window encapsulate a panoramic view of the valley & city skyline.

Do you like it?

This transformation is impressive, isn't it? What do you think of this 1892 church? Would you live in this house? Feel free to leave me your thoughts! This church is located in Melbourne, Australia.

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