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Would you live in this house built in a cave?

Would you live in this house built in a cave?
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1000 hours of transformation!

I guess your first reaction was to say, "No, I would not live in this cave!" I must say that I had the same reaction, but don't judge only the outside, wait to see inside, you could be amazed! We could imagine that there will be small critters, bats but this is not the case.

Angelo Mastropietro transformed this cave into something truly unique!

After more than 1000 hours working on the transformation of this cave, it is now lovely and welcoming!

You do not believe me? Take a look!


Did you know that this place was even available for vacation rental? The cave is located in Worcestershire, in England. Angelo Mastropietro would have spent 312 000 dollars for the transformation of this cave!

Living room

What do you think of this living room? It's quite nice, right? Did you know that Angelo Mastropietro was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? After being paralyzed for a while, he decided to change his lifestyle and take the time to live. He transformed his fears about the disease, putting his energy into this project which kept him busy for a long time!

Dining area

A lovely little dining area shares the same room as the living room. Painting the walls in white is a very good idea to bring light to this place!


You might think that the cave is rudimentary but that's really not the case! This one provides you running water, Internet, and heating! Don't you think the kitchen is well organized?


The bedroom is bright thanks to a door on the outside. The idea of small lights on the floor that illuminate along the walls, is amazing!


The bathroom is as surprising as the rest of this house! The shower is open, there is no door. There is even a towel rack! The restrooms are in another place.

A beautiful project?

What do you think of this project? I take my hat off to this man who has realized this project!

Now that you have seen the cave, would you like to live in this place? I invite you to leave us your comments!

Source: Des idees · Photo Credit: Des idees

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