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You can now get a zombie-proof tiny home that is 3D printed!

You can now get a zombie-proof tiny home that is 3D printed!
Share on Facebook is a prefab house that is far from ordinary and boring. First, it is a self-suffisant smart home that requires no construction and can be shipped to your dream location. It comes ready to move in, fully furnished and with all the last technology and even recycle water! But the main reason this tiny home is so special is because its...zombie-proof.

According to the company these houses are: "are virtually unbreakable (bullets excluded.)" They even said it is "secure from zombies." And since they are smart homes, every aspect can be controlled through an app on your phone and that includes the temperature, humidity and the used energy. There is also an air purifying system that protect from 99.9% of viruses and bacteria! Just in time for coronavirus!

Now, let's take a look inside!

The houses have a 3D printed frame.

They are made of carbon fiber, polymers, and have guarded glass panes.

They also come with water tank, solar energy battery storage, and autonomous sewage, so all you have to do is pick your piece of land!

This is mOne, which is the smallest model at 400 square-foot.

It is more suitable for one or two inhabitants.

The house comes fully furnished, wine glasses included!

If you don't like the all-white decor, you should know that these units are fully customizable. From the appliances to the paint color.

These is lots of built-in storage space. Could you fit your closet inside these drawers?

Haus claims that: " 99.9% protection from viruses and bacteria and makes air cleaner and more breathable."

If you have a bigger family, there are two other houses available the: mTwo and mFour which can accommodate up to four people.  The pricing starts from $1,163 /mo. up to 1M$ for the luxurious mFour option.

What do you think of these zombie-proof homes? Would you like an almost bacteria-free house?

Source: Business Insider · Photo Credit: Business Insider

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