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10 foods that you should never refrigerate

10 foods that you should never refrigerate
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Every time you come back from grocery shopping, your refrigerator suddenly looks too small?

Have you ever wondered if everything you put inside of it really had to be kept that way?

And if several foods could be kept on the counter or just in your pantry ...

Here is a small list of 10 things you should not refrigerate:

1-The tomato: In the cold it begins to lose its flavor.

2-Peanut butter: Put it in a dark and cool place.

3-The pepper: Red, green or yellow it will be very good in a paper bag in your cabinet.

4-Citrus fruits: Oranges, lemons and limes

5-The melon: Wait until it is cut before refrigerating.

6-Ketchup: You are surprised! And yes, because of its amount of vinegar.

7-Stone fruits: They are not friends with the refrigerator

8-Coffee: It must be kept at room temperature

9-Soy sauce: Because of its high salt content

10-Spices: Ground spices, never in the refrigerator.


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