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10 small luxury items for the kitchen for under $ 30

10 small luxury items for the kitchen for under $ 30
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Small luxuries do not have to cost an arm and a leg!

Proof?: we have found 10 kitchen items for you that cost less than $30 and are available to buy as Christmas presents or as gifts for your hosts/hostesses... However, these are so great, you just might end up wanting to keep them all for yourself!

Beware! These will be all the rage in every kitchen!

1.Yamakazi ladle and lid stand

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When cooking, what's worse than having to drop a ladle full of tomato sauce or a lid filled with splash on a clean surface. The solution? Place your kitchen utensils in a simple dish or ... opt for this decorative stand; as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing!

Buy it on Amazon for $28.33.

2.Pour Over Coffee Kettle Premium Quality Stainless Steel Hand Drip Kettle with Authentic Leather Wrapped from Diguo

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She is a classy kettle this one! This is the ultimate accessory for filtered coffee lovers, made with freshly boiled water. And thanks to the sleek black leather sleeve, you can handle the kettle safely, even when it's hot.

The 300 ml model is selling for $28.88.

3.Aerolatte milk frother with stand

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How to get rich, foamy milk, fast and easy? With this ingenious milk frother! It is battery operated and gives you creamy foam in 20 to 30 seconds. A must-have item for latte coffee, Chai latte and hot chocolate lovers!

Selling for $25.00.

4. La Tourangelle hazelnut oil

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The La Tourangelle cooking oils are made in small batches in France and are part of the must haves for many chefs. Very popular and particularly tasty, roasted hazelnut oil is made with hazelnuts exclusively from the west of France. Unlike refined oils, it contains natural antioxidants and is rich in omega-9.

Get it for the price of $22.26 for a 500 ml bottle.

5.Tovolo giant ice bucket

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Make your cocktail presentation fancy with large ice cubes that will give all your drinks a dazzling look. They're big enough to be used in pitchers to cool large amounts of lemonade or sangria ... Or in punch bowls, during the holiday season! And the tray is made of soft silicone that can easily be washed in the dishwasher.

It is selling for $11.70 on Amazon.

6.Bamboo cheese board and knife set

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This board has two uses: cutting cheese, of course, and storage for four knives to cut and spread your favorite cheeses. And with its rustic bamboo finish, it looks great in the kitchen ... No need to hide it away in a drawer!

Get it for the cost of $28.50.

7.Final Touch wine decanter

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In addition to just being all-out pretty, the unique shape enhances the flavors and aromas of the wine as it decants. The carafe can hold about half a bottle of wine and will make for a superb centerpiece for a dinner party with friends.

Buy it for $29.99 on Amazon.

8.Hammered copper water carafe

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This beautiful hammered copper water carafe has very interesting details! By leaving the water in a copper carafe like this, you drink water that contains even more benefits, specifically beneficial for your digestive and liver health and function.

It's selling for $24.00 on Amazon.

9.Gourmet salt shaker made of Virginian acacia wood

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Kept in a salt shaker made of high quality acacia wood, your salt will only taste better! Even in moist kitchens, salt will not get sticky in this rustic-style salt shaker. And the shimmering aspect of acacia wood gives it that touch of luxury!

Buy it for $26.25.

10.Decorative porcelain cup and teapot with peacock patterns

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Enjoy a real English tea in an assortment of cup and teapot with that look of yesteryear! This duet is a good gift idea for tea lovers and it is so elegant that tea time will now have a real regal feel!

Buy it on Amazon for $29.98.

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