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10 tips that will change the way you cook

10 tips that will change the way you cook
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Cooking is an art but everyone can cook delicious meals, you just have to try in order to be more skilled. And often you do mistakes ... You can be discouraged by some mess and clumsiness and think about eating only ready meals.

It would be too bad !

So, to help you have a good time in the kitchen, here are 10 tips from experienced chefs that will make you want to try a multitude of recipes !

1. Flatten the food before freezing

When freezing food for storage, try to flatten it as much as possible. The greater surface area allows the food to freeze and thaw faster, preserving the food’s taste. Try this tip with raw ground beef. Ground beef will defrost in hours instead of days.


2. Break the eggs on a flat surface

It is better to crack your eggs on a flat surface. If you use the side of a bowl, the egg tends to crack more unevenly. This can lead to eggshell breaking off and getting into the egg yolk and whites.

Source: Baking Bites

3. Improve the grip of the knives

To have a better grip on your knives, wrap rubber bands around the handle. This allows you to get a better grip and have better control of sharp knives while cutting.

Source: Max Pixel

4. Measure the ingredients by weight

When preparing ingredients, use a scale to measure what you need based on weight. Some recipes require a specific amount of an ingredient and the measuring cups are not always effective.

Source: Food52

5. Freeze the steak before cutting it

Put your raw steak in the freezer 10 to 15 minutes before cutting it firms up the meat and this makes it easier to cut. The freezing process makes the meat firmer, allowing it to keep its texture and flavor.

Source: just one cookbook

6. Sharpen knives with a cup

To have sharp knives, just run them across the bottom of a coffee mug. The hardness of the material around the bottom of the mug is often enough to sharpen most knives.

Source: Marisa Baggett

7. Peel the ginger with a spoon

Using a spoon to peel ginger is much safer than using a sharp knife. To peel a piece of ginger with a spoon, just scrape it across the skin of the root. It’s just as effective and can save you from painful cuts !

Source: Fine Cooking

8. Peel the garlic with the palm of you hand and a knife blade

To peel garlic easily, crush the clove with the flat of a knife blade. Then press the heel of your hand to crush it, then remove the peel easily.

Source: CUTCO

9. Use a separate garbage bowl when cooking

To save time and increase efficiency, keep a garbage bowl set aside to place any peels and other food waste into while cooking. Then just empty the bowl when you're done.

Source: Kitchn

10. Use a wooden or plastic cutting board

Choose wooden or plastic cutting boards. A glass cutting board is hard on the edges of your knives, requiring you to sharpen them more often. Also, keep a separate cutting board for cutting chicken to avoid cross contamination.


Source: Home Hacks · Photo Credit: capure d'écran - Facebook - Shareably

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