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12 tips that professional chefs use in their own kitchen

12 tips that professional chefs use in their own kitchen
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When it comes to preparing and cooking good meals, chefs have tips.

Many of them shared tips on the TipHero website, so that your cooking is as good as the one of a chef!

Here they are:

1. Eliminate the smell of burned foods thanks to the freezer

Put your dishes overcooked in the freezer, to quickly remove that unpleasant smell!

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2. Freeze the juice of your tomatoes

Do not lose this precious juice. Freeze it, in ice cube trays.


3. Remove the core from a head of iceberg lettuce

Did you know that you can remove the core from a head of iceberg lettuce in under 3 seconds? Just slam the head, core-side down against a cutting board and turn over to remove the middle with your fingers


4. Trade your spatulas for tongs

It will be much easier to turn the meat in the pan.


5. Cut your vegetables faster

Cover your wood cutting board with a layer or two of plastic wrap before you start prepping your fruits and veggies. Once you’re finished dicing, simply remove the plastic wrap and throw the mess in the trash.

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6. Use alcohol to clean your skillets

Buy vodka or any other type of strong alcohol to get rid of grease stains.

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7. Get crispy bacon with flour

Add flour to each slice of bacon. This will make it crispier!


8. Invest in your knives

According to chef Anthony Bourdain, professionals only need three knives: a classic chef's knife, an offset serrated knife and a paring knife.

Invest in good ones, make sure you follow their care instructions to a "T", and spend time learning basic knife skills.


9. Flip your omelette like a chef

Simply grease your pan, roll the eggs back, and pull the pan towards you. It may take you a few failed attempts, but soon enough you’ll be making breakfast like a pro!

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10. Deconstruct your potatoes

Bake up some peeled potatoes in the oven and fry up the skin separately in a pan on the stove. Once both parts are finished, mash those potatoes and stir in the crispy skins for a smooth and crunchy texture.


11. Protect yourself from hot peppers

Dip your hands in olive oil before cutting hot peppers. You will avoid many troubles!


12. Put your plates in the oven

A few moments before serving. This will ensure the food stays at the right temperature.

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