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14 incredible vegetable platters, easy to make.

14 incredible vegetable platters, easy to make.
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Are you in charge of the vegetables for the Christmas buffet? And what if you added some fancy to your dish?

The vegetables will have to be fresh cut and none of these dishes require rare vegetables, so take notes and you'll have all day to go to the super market, or to send someone to the shop for you the same day or the day before .

Whether you want to realize the train rails, or the cauliflower snowman, you'll need toothpicks and skewers. In order to have enough toothpick and skewers, buy more of them instead of not enough. They are so cheap you don't take any risks. The wooden skewers will be practical for thicker creations, they'll hold better if the toothpicks are too short.

Here are 14 vegetables platters to serve for Christmas!

Sometimes it's so simple that we wonder why de didn't think of it before!

The large metal tray will be useful for many models!


Note the cherry tomatoes in the green pepper!


Add a cardboard and a pipe cleaner, make it a Christmas bulb!

Source: butterwithasideofbread.comA crown of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese pearls!

Source: Write the word Christmas !!

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Source: / ...

Place the yellow pepper on the cauliflower over the dip to realize a snowman!

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Adorable! What a beautiful idea! A mushroom to make the head, unpeeled peppercorns to make eyes, bell pepper to make the beak, the wings and the legs!

The color here is beautiful!

Cut a loop in a red bell pepper!

Do you have a small train, or at least the railroad and the train station? Realize a locomotive and the wagons!

All the vegetables are planted vertically, all around it! It is magnificent!

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