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15 beautiful Christmas decorations for your windows you can craft with your family!

15 beautiful Christmas decorations for your windows you can craft with your family!
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When decorating for the holidays, it's a good idea to use the windows. So, inside and out, you can admire a fabulous decor!

And it's even better when we make the ornaments in the comfort of our home, in complete complicity with loved one.

These decorations can become a family tradition, beautiful memories that will come out of the boxes year after year, with a nostalgic smile.

The following 15 DIY decoration suggestions will appeal to parents, but also to daycare educators and teachers.

It's time to give free rein to your creativity!

1. Garlands and flakes glued to the window

You can buy window stickers, but you can also cut out these decorations in white paper and stick them!

Source: Amazon

2. Hanging crowns of mistletoe and holly

With artificial or natural mistletoe and holly branches, you can easily create this beautiful decor!


3. A garland made of paper bulbs

With colored paper strips, make pretty light bulbs that will illuminate the windows without electricity!


4. Tiny illuminated forest

This model is sold on Amazon, but with cardboard or thin wood and a bulb system, you can make yours quite easily.

Source: Amazon

5. A city under the stars

With paper, cut out a city under the snow. Hang paper stars and the result will be magical!

Source: Pinterest

6. Christmas balls made of paper napkins

Using the torn paper technique, real stained glass windows can be created inexpensively. In the sunlight, it will be superb!


7. Candy canes

Buy canes at the discount store and simply hang them at the windows for a beautiful effect!


8. Window art

With window paint, create a winter mural that can be admired by everyone!


9. A well-decorated window sill

We can also simply put beautiful winter objects on the windowsill, for a soft and enveloping atmosphere.


10. Stars made of branches

A nice idea for a decoration to hang at the window!


11. An origami star curtain

If you have the necessary mastery of the art of origami, here is a very interesting idea, that you may want to keep all year long!


12. Snowflakes

An ever-successful classic: paper snowflakes, glued or hung at the window!


13. Illuminated curtains

Arrange light garlands vertically, behind your curtains, for a magical effect. Guaranteed!


14. Elves made of pine cones

Collect pine cones during your walks. Make heads with playdough or salt dough. Add arms, legs, faces and hats. Awesome!


15. Swelling paint snowflakes

Using stencils or with a free hand, make colorful snowflakes to hang to the window.


Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Screenshot - Facebook

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