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5 common mistakes to avoid when cooking pasta

5 common mistakes to avoid when cooking pasta
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How do you drain your pasta? Do you rinse them? Do you put them under cold water? Do you pour them directly into a plate before putting the sauce on top?

These are all common mistakes that should be corrected if you want to eat really good pasta!


Cooking water: Do not throw all the water from the pasta into the sink. You will need it later.

Rinse: This is the worst mistake to make, never rinse the pasta with cold water! Nor in hot water! By rinsing the pasta, you remove the starch that is essential to the good taste of pasta. Italians and restaurant chefs never rinse their pasta!

Waiting: Don't let the drained pasta wait in the colander while you finish preparing the meal. The pasta becomes sticky and unappetizing!

Sauce: do not put the pasta "naked" directly on the plate and then add the sauce.


Sauce: put the pasta in the saucepan as soon as they are drained. So when you drain your pasta, the sauce should be ready.

Taste: Heat the pasta and sauce in the pan for about 1 minute while the pasta absorbs the sauce.

Cooking water: While the pasta and sauce heat up, add some cooking water from the pasta to the mixture. The taste will be better

Tips: the chef also recommends adding a little butter, a little oil and a little cheese to the preparation before serving!

Here is the video of this chef who explains all his tips to get the best pasta.

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