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A chef shares the best tips to ensure you pick fresh chicken at the grocery store.

A chef shares the best tips to ensure you pick fresh chicken at the grocery store.
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How do you ensure your poultry is fresh when you buy it at the grocery store? Just checking the date might not be enough! Chef Curtis Stone who is a regular guest on Rachael Ray's show revolved his best tips on how to pick the best chicken at the grocery store. Simply look below and take notes for your next grocery run.

1. Press the chicken

Curtis explains that  "Press Test" is pushing gently with your fingertip on the package. If the chicken is "springing" that means it's a fresh chicken. If it holds the fingerprint for too long, you should pass on that one. The fresher chicken will push back quickly!

2. Colour of the chicken's skin

The colour of the chicken's skin will vary according to their diet. If the chicken had carotenoids or more yellow-ish foods, their skin will be more yellow. The breed also influence the colour of the skin. That being said, you should aim for a chicken that is pink-ish rather than yellow or grey. The more pink the better!

Rachael actually recommends going to the counter so you can smell the chicken. While, Chef Curtis Stone recommends to get your chicken whole to guarantee the freshness and cut it at home according to your needs!

Watch the full explanation below:

Once you picked the chicken and are home, make sure to use proper storage. You should know that chicken is still good for 1 or 2 days after the date if you kept it at a temperature 40° or below. If your chicken is smelly once you open the package, it has gone bad. 

What is your favourite cut of chicken? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Instagram

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