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Are you rinsing ground beef after it's cooked?

Are you rinsing ground beef after it's cooked?
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Everybody has different techniques when it comes to cooking. Recipes and teachings are being passed from generation to generation and some people simply have more skills than others!

Nowadays with Internet it is so easy to find tutorials and recipes for pretty much any recipe in the world. People are also sharing techniques that they thought were normal while others are completely horrified by it! This is the case of this TikTok user @eemilydharperr who shared a video of herself rinsing ground beef in the sink! Take a look below.

But there is some logic behind her controversial technique. The young lady shows to the viewers how much grease is left from the beef on the pan, which she calls "gross", and recommends to get rid of it. To do so, she takes the cooked ground beef to the sink and rinses it. Harper said she learned the trick in her nutrition class. 

There are a few things you should now before trying this at home. First, greasy should not be drained in the sink as it might gum up the pipes. Secondly, this trick will make the beef really dry! And lastly, it will make the meat totally flavourless. 

Instead of tossing the grease, you can save to flavour soups, sauces or make beef stock. 

On which side are you? Do you rinse cooked ground beef? What do you do with the extra grease? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: TikTok @eemilydharperr

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