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Best crispy-skin roasted chicken recipe you will ever try!

Best crispy-skin roasted chicken recipe you will ever try!
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Making roasted chicken at home can be tricky, you probably want the skin to be crispy but the inside still moist and juicy. Often times, the inside becomes very dry and loses a lot of the delicious chicken flavour. Next time you want to make chicken at home, you have to follow Food & Wine recipe. The trick is to use a Bundt pan, that is usually use to bake cakes, to cook the chicken in the oven!


  • A Whole Chicken (salted and season to taste)
  • 1 Sliced Onion
  • Thyme
  • Bay leaf 


1. Start by filling the Bunt pan with lemons, onions, thyme and a bay leave to add flavour to the chicken.

2. Take a piece of foil and cover the whole of the Bundt pan.

3. Put the whole chicken on the piece of foil you just create in the centre of the pan.

4. Bake the chicken at 425 for about 1 hour - until the skin is crispy and brown. 

Will you be trying this recipe next time you are making chicken? 

Source: food & wine · Photo Credit: Food & wine

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