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Discover ways to save on time while decorating cakes

Discover ways to save on time while decorating cakes
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In recent years, cooking and baking has become increasingly popular. This great popularity explains the appearance of many tutorials, many videos and many blogs on the subject that show us all sorts of tips to facilitate the creation of cakes and desserts.

We love beautifully decorated pastries; what we like less though is having to clean icing bags, is it not ? Especially when we want to use our pouches for various different colors and textures ! We end up with hands stained in many colors trying to quickly rinse under the sink's faucet !

How to avoid this task without giving up on creating birthday cakes and fantastic desserts ? Yes, there is a solution and it is quite simple !

Put the icing of your choice at the center of plastic wrap and make knots at both ends.

screenshot - YouTube - althenasg

Insert the roll into a pastry bag and pull one of the ends out of the tip.

screenshot - YouTube - althenasg

Then cut the corner of your pastry bag.

Attach the tip of your choice.

All you have to do is decorate your cookies, pies and cakes by letting your legendary creativity run wild !

The plastic wrap trick will allow you to play with a multitude of different icings without having to buy dozens of pastry bags or wasting tons of time cleaning them !

You will become a pastry artist and everyone will want to place their orders with you !

The following video allows you to view in detail each of the steps necessary to decorate cakes without making a mess.

Would you like to equip yourself with a beautiful set of decorating pastry bags to create beautiful cakes that will impress your guests ?

You can find this cake decorating supplies kit on Amazon for only $15.95

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You can also get a silicone pastry bag set of different sizes for only $12.99. They will be very practical for decorating your various cakes and desserts.

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For best results, you must use the right tools and maintain them properly.

Source: Crafty Morning · Photo Credit: Pixabay

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