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Do you know the difference between Mayo and Miracle Whip?

Do you know the difference between Mayo and Miracle Whip?
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There seems to be two kind of people on this earth, those who like real Mayonnaise and those who prefer a sauce condiment, also called Miracle Whip, and maybe some don't even care! 

On which side are you? Do you feel like there is a difference between real mayonnaise and the spread? Well, even if taste wise you feel like it all taste the same, there is in fact a big difference between the two. 

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a condiment to be be labeled as “mayonnaise” it has to contain at least 65% vegetable oil by weight.  So products like Miracle Whip don't contain enough oil to be classified as mayonnaise. In fact, most of these spreads were developed in the 90's to be a cheaper alternative to mayo! Therefore they are listed as a "dressing" or sauce or spread and can't be labeled as mayonnaise.

Now, which one is better? It all comes to your personal preference! However, you should know that nutrition-wise, the Miracle Whip dressing has about half the fat and calorie content as mayonnaise but is sweetened with fructose corn syrup and in the end contains way more sugar than most real mayonnaise brands. Therefore, it is not that much of a healthier option. You can't win them all!

That being said, both of them can be easily interchangeable in recipes depending of course of your personal preferences. However, if you are using them in baked goods, pay close attention to the labels, if they are claiming to be low-fat they might not have real eggs in then and therefore not a good choice to bake with. But it should be totally fine in egg salads or sandwiches!

At the end of the day, it all comes to a taste preference. While some people prefer the sweeter taste of Miracle Whip others just can't get enough of the "real" mayonnaise taste!

Which one is your favourite? 

Source: 12 tomatoes · Photo Credit: adobe stock

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