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Do you need tips for making your pastries? Here are 19 great tips to make your delicious desserts!

Do you need tips for making your pastries? Here are 19 great tips to make your delicious desserts!
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Do you like desserts, but do not know how to make them yourself?

The Diply website has listed 19 tips so that your pastries and cakes are brought to a whole new level, easily!

If you run out of cupcake paper, parchment paper can save your life

An easy tip for successful cakes!

Nosh on it

Use the potato peeler

You will be able to grate pretty decorations on your cakes

The Krazy Coupon Lady

For an original patterned crust

Use old jewelry or old tools.


Use your cookie tins

In order to create designs with the help of treats such as chocolate chips or others, you will have amazing results easily.

Little Life of Mine

For a low-fat cake

Replace the oil with applesauce.

Life Hack

Keep your pie crust flawless

Protect the edges with an aluminum plate to brown the center of the pie, without the sides burning.

Mommy's Kitchen

Here's how to get eggs at room temperature in three minutes

Place them in a bowl of hot water for three minutes to bring your eggs to room temperature. You will not need to take them out the day before!

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Tip for well round cookies

Cook them in a cupcake tin. They will remain small without spreading everywhere.

1000 Life Hacks

Melt your chocolates in the slow cooker

An easy and clean way to get your chocolates melted.

DIY Projects

Keep your cookies soft

Store them in the refrigerator in a bag with a slice of bread. A tip that works every time!

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Use a syringe as an ice cream pencil

Drawing will be much easier!


Store your material in Mason jars

A useful and decorative tip!

Table For Two

For a multicolored frosting

Combine your icing bags to create unique designs!

Our Best Bites

For a heart-shaped cake

Use a round pan and a square pan. It has never been so easy!


Pay attention to details

Use a piece of lace for your sugar designs, you will not regret it!

Sweet Verbena

Get rid of lumps in your brown sugar

Microwave your sugar 20 seconds and voila!

Life Hacker

Avoid dirtying everything with a cardboard plate

It will act as a cover to prevent splashing

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Create your own mini-cakes

Hang them in a colander so that they stay flawless.

Iowa Girl Eats

Make your own gelatin-based icing

Use gelatin, marshmallow, icing sugar and water for colored icings.


Source: Diply · Photo Credit: Iowa Girls Eat

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