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How to make a fried egg to perfection, even better the restaurant ones!

How to make a fried egg to perfection, even better the restaurant ones!
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Not everyone can cook eggs to perfection. Raise your hand if you manage to never pop your egg yolks when you fry them in the pan! Ah! It's much more difficult than you think for a such a simple dish.

Not to puncture the yolk during cooking is one thing, but to cook the egg perfectly is another. Try this method to achieve perfect eggs every single time!

Generally, it is difficult to get a perfect texture for our yolks and egg whites when cooking. Either one is cracked and sinks to the bottom of the pan, or the other is overcooked.

The best way to get restaurant-worthy fried eggs is to separate the yolks from the whites!

Use small containers for the yolks, so that they hold their shape well. Then heat your sufficiently buttered or oiled pan.

When the pan is hot enough, pour in an egg white and cook it over medium-low heat. Cook it until the white is almost opaque.

Then pour the egg yolk over the white, then cook for a few more minutes according to your preference.

Do you like more cooked or runny egg yolks? You decide!

The following video shows you the technique in detail.

You see, it's not that hard to get perfect eggs every time.

What is your favourite way to cook eggs? 

Source: · Photo Credit: Youtube - Tip Hero

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