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Say goodbye to the mess in Tupperware's cabinet

Say goodbye to the mess in Tupperware's cabinet
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It's the same in almost every home: no other place is as disastrous as the plastic containers' storage cabinet!

We can be careful, but when the dish we want is behind all the others, it's like an avalanche! And we have to start everything again ...

Here are some tips and storage ideas that will help you regain control over your Tupperware cabinet!

First, we must clean the dishes: do they all have a lid? Are they stained or broken? Keep only the dishes you really use, others can be used elsewhere in the house or end up in garbage.

Separate lids or on containers?

There are two schools of thought for plastic containers: there are those who put the lid on the container to store it in one piece and those who store the lids and dishes separately. If you run out of space, the separate storage is the one for you! Closed dishes take up too much space.

Here are some practical ideas to inspire you in your storage!

Baskets on top of each other

Shelf in the cabinet door

Well identified baskets

Separator in a drawer

Dish drainer

Free solution!

Perforated panel

Basket on rail

Watch this video for more storage tips. [Pub]

Source: Shareably · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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