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The 10 Best Healthy Food That You Need to Start Eating In 2020!

The 10 Best Healthy Food That You Need to Start Eating In 2020!
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You probably have new goals and objectives for the new year coming very soon. If eating healthy and taking care of yourself is on your list then you definitely need to take a look at the list below! Women's Health Mag came up with a list of the best new healthy food that will be coming in 2020 according to studies and nutritionists. 

1. Plant-based protein

Did you hear about Beyond Meat? This plant-based protein got really popular in 2019, particularly in burgers, and is here to stay in 2020. Brands like Impossible, Beyond Meat, and Gardein are constantly launching new meat-mimicking products, such as Fishless Filet, Burgers Patties, Crabless Cakes or Beefless Ground. These options are much healthier than meat and you don't have to change your whole menu! The protein trend also applies to liquids and don't be surprised to see more and more plant-based protein drinks in 2020.

2. Vegan but not exclusively 


In 2020 companies will came up with more hybrid products that have veggies, for example by adding plants to meat. That will be an easier way for people who want to make the switch to being vegan. Also for those who want to eat more veggies but still have their portion of meat. 

3. Switch to mocktails

Are you planning to do Dry January  after the holidays? It could be a lot easier this year as mocktails are really gaining popularity. There is more and more options for alcohol-free spirits, wines, and beers on the market. Also, lots of restaurants and bars are now including mocktails on their menus. According to Yelp’s 2020 Trend Forecast Report there is even alcohol-free bar opening up in 2020! You can still enjoy a nice drink without the down side of alcohol. 

4. “Nootropics”

Nootropics are compounds that help improve brain function such as memory and cognitive functions. You can find them in food like turmeric, blueberries, salmon, broccoli, walnuts, egg yolks or seaweed. They are also available in supplement or drug forms. Nootropics will be huge in 2020 as they are great for brain health and making sure to stay sharp. 

5. Skip the dairy

Nut milk was really popular in 2019 and will be even more in 2020. The non-dairy milk alternatives will also expend to yogurt, cheese and ice-cream, the dream for the lactose intolerant! There is also lots of studies that question the health properties of cow milk. Non-dairy milk is now available everywhere in most grocery stores and coffee shops. 

6. Skip the flour

Along with cow milk, more and more people are trying to skip flour for healthier alternatives. In 2019, cauliflower pizza was the most ordered food of the year! Companies will uses more alternatives like chickpea flour, almond flour and sorghum flour in 2020. Perfect for the gluten-free people! Also much healthier with less calories than basic white flour. 

7. More fresh snacks 

Skip the pretzels and chips and stock up on fresh healthy snacks such as hard-boiled eggs , pickled vegetables and drinkable soups. The new protein bars will contain much more veggies and fruits and therefore will need refrigeration in 2020. According to the Whole Foods 2020 Trend Report, your refrigerator will be full or healthy fresh snacks! 

8. More Cannabidiol oil (CBD) Products 

The CBD is mainly in skincare and lotion, but in 2020 it's coming in more products such as candy, gum and even coffee! But don't worry you won't feel "high" with CBD, as it doesn't contain THC. The benefits of CBD includes pain relief, anxiety relief, help with acne and even cancer! The new studies also show that it helps with heart health. 

9. Natural sweeteners (truly natural)

Studies show that Americans have cut back on sugar, but there is still work to do. You should be looking for really natural sweeteners instead such as Medjool dates, raisins,  monk fruit, pomegranates and coconut. Don't be surprised to see more desserts with these ingredients in 2020!

10. More Carbs!

A lot of people ditched carbs in 2019 while doing the Keto Diet. Nutritionists actually believe that carbs aren't the enemy if you truly understand them. Coming from healthy whole grains such as starchy vegetables and fruits, carbs are great for you. They recommended trying these healthy carbs in 2020 :  farro, sorghum, red lentils, black beans, carrots, purple potatoes, figs, and watermelon.

Will you be trying any of these new food trends for 2020? The good news is you don't have to change your whole diet! Small changes and steady progression are much better than drastic change and diets. 

Source: women's health mag · Photo Credit: women's health mag

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