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The most effective way to eliminate all traces of pesticides on fruits and vegetables

The most effective way to eliminate all traces of pesticides on fruits and vegetables
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It is no longer a secret, pesticides are found in many foods we eat and even if some studies prove that it wouldn't be dangerous to health if we eat them in small quantities. When we know that Parkinson's disease, some cancers and congenital malformations are directly related to the overexposure to pesticides, especially farmers (because their job), the idea of ingesting these chemicals is disgusting.

Are we really going to wait for further studies before we take action to see if it is harmful for the human health to eat pesticides in small quantities, when we can just take a few minutes to wash the fruits and vegetables that we just bought?

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford organic fruits and vegetables. And if you're used to eating your fruits and vegetables right after buying them, or simply rinsing them under the water before eating them, it would be advisable to immediately stop this practice if you do not want pesticides in your body.

Do you want to eliminate pesticides on fruits and vegetables that you buy?

You will need:

- A bowl

- Water

- Baking soda

How to do:

1) Wash your hands with soapy water

2) Add clear water to a large bowl

3) Cut the fruits and vegetables to be able to add them in the bowl

4) Add the fruits and vegetables in the bowl of water

5) Add 30 gr (2 tablespoons) of baking soda to the water

6) Wash fruits and vegetables with your hands

7) Let the fruits and vegetables soak 5 minutes

8) Rinse fruits and vegetables with tap water


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