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This is how you should be using different variety of onions!

This is how you should be using different variety of onions!
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Did you know that white, yellow, red and green onions all slightly vary in taste, texture and colour? They often can be substituted for another but can also a different taste! You should also always pick firm and heavy onions when shopping at the grocery store. At home they should be stored in a cool and dark pantry or cupboard. 

1. Yellow Onions

The yellow onions are probably the most popular and common variety. They are all-purposed and have a nice balance between astringency and sweetness. They work really well in long-cooking recipes because the longer they cook the sweeter they get! They are perfect for soups, stews and meat dishes.

2. Red Onions

Red onions are probably the most colourful onions! They are similar to yellow onions in taste but can be a little more sour and their layers are less tender than yellow onions. However, they are great for raw recipes such as salsas and salads! They add a nice pop of colour and taste.

3. Whites Onions

White onions usually have a sharper and more pungent flavour compared to yellow onions. Their skin is also thinner and more papery. It is best to use them raw in salsas and chutneys but they can also replace yellow onions in recipes.

4. Sweet Onions

Sweet onions looks very similar to yellow onions but they taste different! They taste really sweet and don't have that astringent taste that other onions have. You can enjoy them thinly sliced on sandwiches, simply roasted or even fried like onion rings!

5. Green Onions

Green onions have a very mild flavour and most of the flavour are in the white ends. The green leaves are great to garnish soups, salads, cheese fries or nachos! You can use the white part in any recipe that calls for scallions and is best cooked.

6. Shallots

The shallots are often used in restaurant kitchens, the famous Chef Anthony Bourdain even said that it's the ingredient that makes restaurant cooking so good! They are very mild and sweet tasting. They can be used in recipes or even eaten raw in salads. Try them next time in a recipe that calls for onions, you'll get a "very classy" taste!

Did you know all the differences between onions? Which one do you tend to prefer when you are cooking?

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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