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This Mermaid-lemonade is ready in only 10 minutes

This Mermaid-lemonade is ready in only 10 minutes
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Summer is back soon which means hot weather is coming and you can go in the swimming pool !

However, during hot weather, it is possible to cool off even if you are far from the sea or do not have a swimming pool in your yard. But let's face it, having access to an outdoor pool is perfect.

This mermaid lemonade recipe with blue curacao will give you the feeling of being by the sea, but without the sand in the hair.

With its chunks of ice and iced lemonade, this cocktail will certainly refresh you, even if you are not in the swimming pool !

Ready in just ten minutes, you can make this recipe for four people. So, pool or not, do not hesitate to serve it to your guests, who will like the presentation of your cocktail and they will love the sweet taste of it.

The decoration, made of maraschino cherries and a slice of lemon, will also give you the illusion that you are relaxing on the beach.

The recipe described below has been approved by the little mermaid herself ! You can serve it as an aperitif or simply for pleasure, on a hot and sunny afternoon.

Photo : Screenshot - Delish

Ingredients :

- 2 cups ice cubes

- 1/4 cup blue curacao

- 1 cup white rum

- 2 cups lemonade

- 4 lemon slices, for garnish

- 8 maraschino cherries for garnish

- 4 paper umbrellas, for garnish

Directions :

In Mason jars, add ice.

Photo : Screenshot - Delish

Then add the blue curacao to each Mason jars.

Photo : Screenshot - Delish

Then add your white rum.

Photo : Screenshot - Delish

Then add ice again in the glass and pour in your lemonade.

Photo : Screenshot - Delish

Then take your paper umbrellas. Add to each of them a slice of lemon and two maraschino cherries.

Photo : Screenshot - Delish

All you have to do is to enjoy this delicious cocktail with your friends when the sun comes back !

Photo : Screenshot - Delish

Review all the stages of preparation of this cocktail, the presentation of this cocktail is beautiful and this is also a delicious cocktail !

Source: Delish · Photo Credit: Delish

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