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Which of these bananas is the healthiest?

Which of these bananas is the healthiest?
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Bananas are an excellent option, they are healthy and easy to eat! You can pack them to go in the kids lunches or quickly grab one as a snack. They are filled with vitamins and offer a variety of health benefits. But are all bananas equal? It seems like they are not!

So which one is better, green or fully ripped? 

First, you should know, it is not a matter of taste only. It is clear that a banana that is still green is less pleasant to the palate, while a ripe banana is more sweet and usually delicious.

According to studies on the subject, ripe bananas are actually better for your health since they have had time to bring all of their ingredients to maturity! Surprising? 


A banana that has had time to ripen has also had time to develop more antioxidant. They reach the best level when the banana is ripe. Antioxidants are great for your health because it is how the body manages to produce white blood cells, which are responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system. In a result, it makes one more more resistant to viral and degenerative diseases.

The more ripe a banana, the better for your health. A ripe banana is up to 8 times more beneficial. The brown spots that appear on the fruit are a sign of ripening that promotes good health. 

So, it is better to wait until the fruit has reached a good level of ripening in order to benefit from all the properties. Even though a bright yellow banana would be better than a green banana.  


You can use "brown" bananas in smoothies, it will give a creaminess and a sweet taste! However, if you have diabetes, you should be careful about overripe bananas, because they are full of sugar!

Which "stage" of the banana is your favourite?

Source: Eddenya · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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