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Would you like to have mandarins in abundance?

Would you like to have mandarins in abundance?
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Mandarin is a very popular fruit for its delicious taste, but it also have a lot of vitamins including vitamin C, A, B12 and potassium. It also helps our body to absorb the iron and fix it. This fruit is therefore a valuable ally against all viruses and possible diseases that can be contracted in winter, because it helps us strengthen the immune system. Take the good habit of eating mandarin regularly and you'll be healthier, for sure!

The mandarin will also help you to have a more hydrated skin during these periods when the house is heated and the skin is often a little drier. It also gives a healthier, younger and better look to our hair and skin.

Now, did you know that it is possible to grow mandarin and grow it without pesticide, in pots and in our homes?

Would you like to have mandarins in abundance?

Discover how right here!

How to do:

1) Take the mandarin seeds and wash them with clear water to eliminate the whole flesh. Then place the clean seeds on several sheets of wet paper towel in a bowl.

2) Cover the seeds with another sheet of wet paper towel and make sure to always keep it wet

3) Watch the seeds every 3 or 4 days. Once the seeds are germinated, you can put them in the ground

4) Fill a flower pot with pebbles, sand, then compost for the cultivation of potted fruits and vegetables, rich in humus, with a mixture of perlite, peat moss and fertilizer. Cover the pot with plastic wrap or a plastic bottle cut to make a greenhouse effect so that the compost retains its heat and moisture. This tip will help grow seeds and accelerate the germination process. Keep the pot in a warm room as it will need a high temperature for the seeds to germinate well. But not in direct sunlight.

5) Cover the seeds with at least 2 cm of compost

6) Once the first shoots are out, remove the plastic wrap or plastic bottle and move the pot to a bright place, but not in direct sunlight. Try to keep the temperature at 20°C (68°F)

7) About fertilizer: Add fertilizer 3 times a month in the spring and 3 times a month when you harvest. Liquid fertilizer rich in iron, zinc and magnesium is suggested.

8) These techniques also work for orange, lemon and grapefruit trees.

9) But you have to be patient! It may take several years for a fruit tree to start producing its own fruit.

In the meantime you will have beautiful plants!


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