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10 amazing things that happen when you use vinegar in your garden

10 amazing things that happen when you use vinegar in your garden
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Some have a green thumb naturally!

Others will have made research or asked family or friends to learn how to garden.

But no matter how you manage to maintain your garden, good tips for our garden, or our kitchen garden are always welcome !

Because we are proud of having the most beautiful fruits and vegetables, and the most beautiful plants and flowers in the garden !

Would you like to discover new tips to have a beautiful garden ?

Here are 10 tips to do with vinegar ! And you'll be very happy to see that it's not rocket science.

Here are 10 amazing things that happen when you use vinegar in your garden :

1) Kill weeds while making your flowers bloom:

Gardeners who prefer natural weedkillers love white vinegar because it is easy to use, 100% natural and very economical.

How to do:

Add the white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it only on the weeds !

Source : Mike Mozart

2) Bring your flowers back to life:

Vinegar is not just used to kill weed. If your flowers have a fungus infection or black spots, it can help.

How to do :

The methods may vary depending on the infections. But the most common way to use this formula is to mix 10 ml (2 teaspoons) of vinegar into some brewed chamomile tea. Then spray the affected flowers.

Source : Pixabay

3) Good for plants:

This may seem crazy because vinegar is a powerful natural weed-killer. But some plants love vinegar. Like azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and gardenias.

How to do:

Mix 250 ml (1 cup) of white vinegar in 3.78 L (1 gallon) of tap water and spray these acid-loving plants to give them a boost.

Source :pixabay

4) A boost for the soil:

If you are not comfortable with spraying vinegar on your plants, use it to feed the soil of your plants! This trick is ideal for adjusting acidity in the soil. Vinegar will add iron, very important for good growth. If water in your area is hard, or if you have a lime problem, this solution’s for you.

How to do:

Just add some white vinegar directly to your watering can and add vinegar directly to any areas with lime deposits. Or, mix 250 ml (1 cup) distilled vinegar with 3.78 l (1 gallon) of tap water, then use the mixture to water the soil.

Source : Christopher Sessum

5) Give boost seeds:

Have you ever planted seeds, but they didn't grow? Some shoots are simply more difficult to germinate. Like asparagus, okra, morning glories and moonflowers for example. But vinegar can solve this problem!

How to do:

Rub these seeds gently between sandpaper, then soak them overnight in a mixture of 1 part white vinegar, 4 parts hot water, and add some liquid dish soap. Then plant the seeds as usual, and you will see the first green shoots!

Source :pixabay

6) Transform your terra cotta pots:

Terra cotta pots are classics for a reason, it's the perfect place for growing plants. Plants flourish in them and the cool soil they provide. But after a while, they absorb calcium, salt and other minerals, and lose their naturally-hued luster in the process. But once again, white vinegar can help you!

How to do:

In a container, add water, and white vinegar and let the pots soak for several hours. Then let them dry in the sun.

Source :pixabay

7) Make your gardening tools shine:

Your gardening tools are rusty after spending the winter in the shed?

How to do:

Spray white vinegar and rub, or let them soak in white vinegar.

A bonus :

Vinegar acts as a natural fungicide, so spraying or soaking your tools after use will prevent them from being damaged prematurely.

Source : Pleuntje

8) Your pets will know that they must stay away:

Some cats and dogs are attracted to flowers and plants and it becomes annoying to always repel them. By spraying white vinegar, they will know that they must stay away. In fact, the smell repels them! But at least this trick works!

How to do:

Cut old t-shirts and soak them in white vinegar. Then place them on some wood stakes around your garden. Replace every 6 to 7 days.

Source : G-Tinnetje

9) Protect your fruit trees:

Protect all your fruit trees from unwanted critters with a super-efficient recipe:

How to do:

Mix 1 cup (250 ml) water, ½ cup (125 ml) apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup (2.5 ml) sugar and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) molasses. Pour about 2.5 cm (1 ") of this mixture into 2 or 3 old tin cans and hang them on the trees. Fill them regularly and you will notice that the fruit flies will stay away. This formula also works on moths.

Source :pixabay

10) Say goodbye to creepy crawly invasion!

Ants, slugs, snails and other insects! Vinegar is a natural insecticide and you can spray it around your garden and in front of your home to keep them away. This trick will even eliminate an anthill by pouring white distilled vinegar directly into it, if the ants become a serious problem.

Source : sudoneighm hobvias

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Tip Hero

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