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10 beautiful flower boxes ideas.

10 beautiful flower boxes ideas.
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With the arrival of Spring and Summer being not that far, it is time to think about the garden and front yard. If you are tired of your old flower box, you should take a look at the selection below to give you some new ideas!

1. Window Flower Boxes

By adding molding to the edges of window boxes, you will create a very unique look! If you want your boxes to stand out even more, paint them all white. 


2. Modern Planter Box

The secrets to this raised flower box are wooden rods and dowel. Look at the video below to recreate it at home!


3. Cute Flower Box for Vases 

This is probably the cutest flower box! To make it at home, cut the top board and drill three holes using a  2 ½ hole saw. Then, glue and nail the base and uprights in place. Paint it all white or your favourite colour, and to finish add three 1x4" vases.

Simplicity In The South

4. Vintage Garden Flower Box

Fence slats were used in the creation of these flower boxes. Drill holes in the base and stain the box. Add your favourite decorations or print a graphic to finish!

Vintage Storehouse & Co.

5. Budget-Friendly Flower Box

This flower box is probably the most cheap to make. Use 1X4 and 1X3 panels to create this cool flower box.

6. Simple DIY Flower Box

These planters were created by using deck boards. With a miter saw, cut the boards into two pieces ; two at 8 ½” and two at 22 ½”.

Home Talk - Wes Hamstra

7. Mailbox Flower Box

Start by building a planter with very long legs, then dig down around six inches to pace the planter. Insert the mailbox and level the planter with soil around it and you are done!

Home Talk - Frank

8. Tabletop Flower Box

The secret to recreating this flower box is to use Rustoleum’s spray rubber coating. 

9. Bicycle Flower Box

Watch the video below to see how to create this cool bicycle flower box! 

Home Talk - Constantine

10. Wine Crate Flower Box

Do you have an old wine crate hanging around the house? You have to create this wine crate flower box! 

Home Talk - Lynn

Which one is your favourite?

Source: Hometalk · Photo Credit: Hometalk

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