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10 cheap ways to keep the kids busy at home.

10 cheap ways to keep the kids busy at home.
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1. Indoor Maze

Use tape to create an indoor maze for the kids! It's fun and it will get them moving! 

Instagram | @shrootziee

2. Sponge Jenga Game

Use kitchen sponges to create your own version of the Jenga Game. A fun activity for kids! 

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3. Find the lid

This game is called "Match the lids" and it's actually a good game for younger kids as it develops many senses! 

Facebook | Trudy Stoermer

4. Drawing the Shade

Kids will learn to draw with this cool light trick. It also works great with indoor lighting. 

Reddit | justpuneet

5. Home Movies

Turn your living room into a movie theater and get the whole family together! Make them earn their tickets by doing chores or good behaviour. 

Facebook | Sadira Gray

6. Mission Impossible Game

Use tape to create a fun game for the kids! They are now spies!


7. Home Bowling

With empty water bottles you can create a fun bowling game!

Instagram | @alamamayin

8. Build a  Fort 

Kids love building forts and staying in them! It will keep them entertained all day and evening! 

Instagram | @thesinceremama

9.  Paper Towel Roll Game

Great game for toddlers! Give them different objects to drop inside the roll. 


10. Bubble Wrap

If you have any leftover bubble wrap in the house, tape it to the floor to create a fun runway game!


Here are some other ideas if you are truly desperate!

Homemade Twister 

Instagram | @lerushareddy

Find the object of colours in the house 

Instagram | @ahearlylearning

Learn phone numbers! 

Facebook | Kristie Molanick

How are you doing these days? 

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