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10 cool ideas to transform your picnic table.

10 cool ideas to transform your picnic table.
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Want to upgrade your outdoor furniture? Buying new table and chairs can be quite pricey! Especially if you only use them a few months a year. Why not simply upgrade your old picnic table? It will look really good in the backyard and save you a lot of money! Here are 10 ideas to inspire you.

1. Add some color!

Use paint to brighten your backyard by putting a very colorful picnic table.

source: A Colorful Journey

2. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Get inspired by nature, just like this lemon table!

source: Natalie Ryan

3. Sunburst

With stencils you can create something really nice.

source: The Home Depot Blog

4. Simplicity 

If you want to keep your table simple and neutral, try a chevron design.

source: PilotSpeed

5. Game Picnic Table

Use the table for fun games with the family!

source: Crafting A Green World

6. Minimalist & Modern 

A coat of black paint will give you a very modern looking table!

source: Tobon / Thinking With My Heart

7. Watermelon

Another fruity inspired table, perfect for summer!

source: Trucs & Bricolages / Weather Underground

8. Kids Table

If you want to upgrade the table but lazy, let the kids do it!

source: Simply Natural Mom

9.  Colorful Beehives

Use painter tape or stencil to create this amazing design. 

source: Tova Speter

10. French Linen

Modern and elegant!

source: Home Made Modern

Which one is your favourite? 

Source: Homemaking · Photo Credit: Homemaking

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