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10 facts that make September babies amazing!

10 facts that make September babies amazing!
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September is the month of back-to-school, the start of autumn and maybe, your birth month or the month of your child. Did you know that being born during this time makes you (or your baby) a very special person? 

Here's why:

1. September natives are often lighter

September babies tend to weigh less than others. This does not mean, however, that they will be born at a too low a weight. They are just featherweights and it's lovely!

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2. They less at risk of suffering from depression reports that babies born after September 22 have low levels of depression. However, they can be quite irritable. Nobody is perfect!

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3. September babies are very athletic

Fall babies are said to be more athletic than other people, which gives them a clear physical advantage. However, people born in October and November would have even better skills at this level. September baby will have some competition in the field!

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4. These kids have stronger bones

Babies born in late summer or early fall have thicker bones. Maybe it's a question of vitamin D received during pregnancy? Indeed, the sun being more present in summer, future mothers can absorb more of it.

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5. They are less likely to be incarcerated

Good news! Babies born in September are less likely to be taken into custody for a juvenile crime, shows research! So you are probably not raising a future delinquent!

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6. September babies are more prone to allergies and asthma

According to, people born in the fall are 30 to 90% more likely to develop allergies to milk, eggs or peanuts. Another study found that babies born in the fall are 30% more prone to asthma.

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7. They are less likely to be bipolar

According to a 2012 study published in the journal PLOS One, rates of bipolar disorder in September babies are lower in adulthood. Again, prenatal vitamin D is believed to be a factor, but researchers aren't sure exactly of the causes. Still good news!

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8. These children share their birth month with celebrities

Many celebrities are born in September, which can inspire your baby to achieve big things! Among others, King Richard 1 of England, Stephen King, Keanue Reeves, Gloria Estefan, Beyonce ...

According to astrology, people born in September are extremely hardworking and dedicated. With that kind of attitude, these babies have a reputation for success.

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9. They are generally taller than the others

Babies born in late summer or early fall (around September) are expected to be a little taller than those born in winter and spring. This could be due, again, in part to the high levels of vitamin D the mothers were exposed to just ahead of delivery.

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10. September natives are more likely to become centenarians

Babies born between September and November are more likely to live to age 100, according to After interviewing around 1,500 people aged 100 or older, researchers at the University of Chicago found that a large majority of them were born in the fall. Part of this longevity may be due to early exposure to seasonal infections, which increases immunity.


What month was your baby born?

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