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10 facts you didn't know about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

10 facts you didn't know about Kentucky Fried Chicken.
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Fried chicken is a classic dish loved by many people around the world! And the first thing that comes in mind is probably KFC! The classic chain is well known for its fried chicken. Here are 10 facts about KFC that you probably didn't know!  


1. It is the fourth largest food chains in the USA.

KFC has 20,604 locations making it the fourth-largest fast food restaurant chain by number of locations in the world. Other includes Subway (44,208), McDonald’s (36,889), and Starbucks (25,085).

3. It is China’s largest fast food chain.

There are over than 4,500 KFC restaurants in China.

4. It is the first chicken fast-food.

Before KFC, burgers and fries were the main items sold at fast food joints. Fried chicken was reserved for sit-down restaurants as it was believed to be too long to cook. KFC revolutionized the fast-food industry with their fried chicken! 

5. It wasn't even Colonel Sanders' idea. 

Colonel Sanders’ first franchisee to sell its famous chicken. The owner, Pete Harman had many of the ideas behind KFC that we still see today, such as the bucket meal (created in 1957) and the motto (It’s finger lickin’good). The painter who painted the new sign at the restaurant had the idea for the name Kentucky Fried Chicken!  

6. It is the same recipe since the 30s.

A mysterious blend of 11 herbs and spices.

7. The recipe is still a secret.

The only person who knows how to make the infamous chicken is Colonel Sanders himself. The recipe is sitting in a vault in the KFC headquarters in Louisville. Half of the mixture is made by Griffith Laboratories, and then it’s sent to McCormick, where the other half is made.

8. The menu is different depending on places.

Even in the USA the ingredients are different! Some states use sunflower oil, canola or palm oil. Sometimes the chicken is corn-fed other places use wheat. Across the world the menu is truly different! In China you get eat congee and tree fungus salad, spaghetti in Indonesia, and a chickpea burger in India.

9. Japan eat KFC on Christmas. 

Japanese love to eat KFC on Christmas similar to some Jewish people who enjoy Chinese food on the holidays! They also have KFC buffets! 

The one and only all-you-can-eat KFC is located in Osaka, Japan for about $16-$21. However, you have a time limit: only an hour and a half to enjoy your food! 

10. KFC buckets came after. 

The bucket meals only came in 1957! The first bucket meal included 14 pieces of chicken, five bread rolls, and a pint of gravy.

Do you like fried chicken? When is the last time you had KFC? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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