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10 fun scientific games to try with your kids!

10 fun scientific games to try with your kids!
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After long months of lockdown and schools being close, your kids are will get back to school soon! For some, the school will be a very different experience with the global pandemic. Whatever happens, your little ones will always have the weekend to have fun! And why not learn while having a good time? 

Introduce them to science and physics with 10 fun games and we bet you will have fun too! 

1. DIY Small Parachutes

With plastic eggs, straws, coffee filters you can fly small parachutes as long or as far as possible! For more details see the tutorial on JDaniel4Mom.


2. Medieval Mini-Catapult

Make a miniature version of a medieval catapult using popsicle sticks and rubber bands! Just watch the video tutorial available on this page. A great STEM activity! 

little bins for little hands

3. Make a Pulley 

Learn how to make a system pulley work in your backyard! Here are more details on this fun activity. 

little bins for little hands

4. Discover the Solar System

If you already have an astronomy enthusiast in your home, this activity is for them! Help them shape the galaxy's Solar System and they'll even be able to place it on their bedside tables! You can buy a kit or use recyclable items at home. — Baker Ross

5. Make a Fun Structure

Summer is coming to an end soon, but you can always reuse your pool noodles in a whole new way! Cut them into small pieces and with toothpicks, let your children's creativity take over! Maybe they'll become architects! 

little bins for little hands

6. Learn the Absorption Effect

Don't make it difficult for your children to discover new things! Simple things like a  sponge, water, food coloring and a glass jar is all you really need. They will be fascinated by the absorption, but also by the drip once the sponge is saturated with water.

the pinterested parent

7. Learn Math

Math often time hated by children, so in order for them to learn better, doing it while having fun is much more effective! And that’s the point of this toy with different types of operations. You will obtain a perfectly vertical bar when all the answers are correct! Perfect game if you don't like to make crafts. — SainSmart Jr.

8. DIY Kaleidoscope

You surely know that Pringles boxes can be recycled into original objects! Personalize the cover of the boxes with glitter, sequins and even scrapbooking paper to make a homemade kaleidoscope. A good reason to eat more chips.

little bins for little hands

9. Ball Circuit 

Construction games help optimize your child's development. If the circuit has been built correctly, the ball will have no problem hurtling through the maze at full speed! — Buki

10. DIY Windmill

To see the effects of the wind up close, there is nothing better than a windmill! And the good news is, this is an extremely easy DIY to make. Here's a video tutorial made especially for you on this page!


We hope you have fun while learning!

Source: des idees · Photo Credit: des idees

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