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10 great tips to try to keep your home clean even if you have pets

10 great tips to try to keep your home clean even if you have pets
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The presence of pets in our homes make our life happier but it is not without problems.

The hairs, odors, marks and bacteria left by the animals require special attention on a daily basis to prevent the situation from degenerating.

Obviously, it is the sacrifice that we make when we accept to have animals in the house, there are always ways to reduce the problems.

Do you feel you never get the upper hand on hairs and bad odors? Here are 10 simple tips that will make all the difference:

  • Nothing more disturbing than having a persistent dog smell in the house. To solve this problem, invest in an enzyme-based cleanser. This is a more affordable solution than professional cleaning services and these products will effectively neutralize animal odors on carpets, floors and sofas.
  • Too many homeowners neglect to have an air purifier at home and yet they perform very well to purify the ambient air and capture the volatile hairs.
  • Again, we wonder why most homeowners neglect to daily brush their pets. This is the best way to reduce the hairs in the house and in addition, it costs nothing!
  • Animal toys become contaminated with bacteria in the saliva and in the long run contribute to the emanation of stubborn odors. A simple solution is to clean fabric toys along with your weekly laundry. Put them in a mesh pocket to wash them and dry them in the dryer. Do not underestimate the power of this trick ... Much of the odor problem is found in toys or sofas.
  • To remove the hairs in the carpet, squeegee is perfect. Simply wipe the surface with the squeegee. You will see that the hairs will come off easily.
  • Invest in washable covers for your armchairs and sofas. As mentioned above, odor problems originate in fabrics and everything that is padded. So you solve 75% of the problem.
  • Dog and cat mark their territories in undesirable places. Apply a little Vicks VapoRub ointment to the strategic locations. Your pet will no longer smell traces of urine and it will be repelled by the offensive odor of the ointment, which will prevent it from returning to the "forbidden" place.
  • Cat owners know it, litter pellets are spreading like wild fire in the house. To solve the problem, place a rubber carpet under the litter box. Most pellets will remain trapped and your floor will stay clean longer.
  • To prevent animals sleeping on armchairs and sofas, mix fragrant essential oils such as lemon with cayenne pepper. Dip some balls of cotton or coffee sticks into the mixture and place them between the cushions. (Animals can not tolerate these odors, so they will choose another place to relax).

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