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10 ingenious ways to reuse old drawers.

10 ingenious ways to reuse old drawers.
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Do you want to change the decor of a room or you recently bought new furniture? Maybe you need to say goodbye to a piece of furniture that's damaged or no longer needed for your current needs?

Before you say goodbye to everything, you should save the drawers of an old dresser or desk! You can easily find second a vocation for them, more suited to your current reality!

Modern or older in appearance, drawers can be transformed into a practical and decorative element that is really interesting for all kinds of homes!

Here are 10 ideas in photos. 

1. Kitchen dispenser

Here is an interesting element to add to your kitchen! With such a system, you will always have the required paper towels, plastic wrap or bags and napkins on hand. This will unclog drawers and cupboards and you won't have to waste time looking for everything!


2. A table with brackets

In the entrance hall, the kitchen or the office, here is an ingenious idea! The drawer now houses a black board and hooks, so you don't forget anything. How amazing!

3. A unique clock

You can give it a rustic or romantic look. Using an old object to symbolize the passing of time is a great idea!

4. A nightstand

By recovering the legs of an old table or chair, we can make a nightstand of this kind quite easily!


5. Modern storage

A "stepladder" style made with contemporary drawers, to store beautiful objects, makeup or even plants!


6. A drawer for plants

With wheels, it's so practical and very pretty!


7. Rustic shelves

In the bathroom or elsewhere, drawers attached to the wall will be the most beautiful effect!

8. A coffee table

Large drawers covered with beautiful glass, it's just perfect!

BelleOfTheVillage / Etsy

9. A cork drawer

It can serve as a notice board or a quiet little nook for plants.


10. Wall shelves

Remove the bottom of the drawers and you will get minimalist shelves that show the beauty of the wall.


Which one is your favourite?

Source: Creativo · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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