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10 inspiring room makeovers that will make you want to change yours

10 inspiring room makeovers that will make you want to change yours
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Are you about to start a new renovation or transformation project, or simply change the layout of a room?

These 10 photos will probably inspire you in your projects! I am often inspired by this kind of photo for my own decoration, of course I adapt it to my needs.

The concept of before-and-after photo is very inspiring and it motivates us in our home projects!


First project

Do you have a messy pantry? You can not easily find your food and cooking utensils? What do you think of the reorganization of this pantry? Inspiring, right?

Second project

Do you have a shelf that looks like this in your kitchen? It's rather cluttered and messy! I must admit that here is a big job to declutter this kitchen, but it was worth it!

Third project

Ahh! This garage where there is never enough storage! What do you think of the idea of storing objects in baskets? Isn't it more practical and visually more beautiful?

Fourth project

Does your kitchen cabinet look like this? Here is the solution for you! It's crazy all the items you can store when it's tidy!

Fifth project

This laundry room was very gloomy! The transformation is beautiful and doesn't seem too complicated! Do you like it?

Sixth project

Do you have a wardrobe that looks like this? I must admit that my wardrobe, although smaller, looks like this one! It's a total mess! The photo of the transformation gives me good ideas to organize mine!

Seventh project

Do you have a drawer like this in your kitchen? I do! We all have a drawer that is used to store everything and anything! The organization of this drawer is simple but effective! This drawer organizer costs about $6 on Amazon.

Eighth project

Our closet is often messy, right? Why not put our towels in baskets? It's a lot better after than before, right?

Ninth project

Ahhh! I'm happy to tell you that I have this kind of storage at home! I love using small baskets because I can easily find my items!

Tenth project

I admit that my refrigerator is often like this! I seriously think that I will try this kind of storage with baskets that have handles. This idea is very original and functional! In this way we don't forget the little jars in the bottom of the fridge!

And you? What do you think? Do these pictures of organization and renovation inspired you? Now, I want to declutter my closet, and I want my house to be always tidy!

Source: House beautiful · Photo Credit: House Beautiful

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