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10 mistakes travelers make before leaving their hotel room

10 mistakes travelers make before leaving their hotel room
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We all know the mistakes hotels can make, such as sheets that are not always well washed, valuables that disappear, the dirt in the corners that grosses out cleaning maniacs, etc. But did you know that you too could make mistakes as a traveler?

1st mistake:

Not taking the room products with you:

No, it's not stealing: it's preventing waste. Whether you have touched the products that are offered in your hotel room or not, after your departure, they will be thrown in the garbage to be replaced by new ones. So you're doing a service to the maids by bringing the products home to use on your future trips or to give to your guests next time someone stays over.

2nd mistake:

Paying in cash:

According to Clark Howark, paying in cash can be a very bad idea if you come across a dishonest employee. You may well have to pay for your room twice.

3rd mistake:

Keeping problems with the room for yourself:

For fear of annoying the employees, some customers never say anything, but it isn't doing any favors to the establishment. Do not sacrifice your stay so as not to disturb the staff. Say what's wrong to your hotel manager and they will do everything they can to accommodate you.

4th mistake:

Not double checking the fees charged to your room:

With the mini bar, cable TV and all the services now offered by hotels, it is very important to keep track of everything you use during your stay. Especially if you stay more than 24 hours at the same hotel. Fees can stack up pretty quickly!

5th mistake:

Forgetting a valuable in the room and/or in the safe:

Go around the room to check that you have everything. And be sure to empty the safe. Never forget to check whether or not you put an object in the safe, even if you usually don't use it!

6th error:

Forgetting to tip the maids:

They have the hardest job in the entire hotel and certainly the most disgusting too. Do you want to make sure you always have great service at your favorite hotel? Give them a good tip, because they took good care of you during your stay. Leave it under the pillow, they will know where to find it.

7th mistake:

Leaving the premises too quickly:

Go to the lobby before leaving, do not just leave the electronic key on the bed. An important message could have been left for you at the reception.

8th error:

Letting the hotel call a taxi for you:

Do it yourself and call an Uber instead.

9th error:

Forgetting to book a shuttle to the airport:

When you organize a trip, you think of everything from the moment you leave home. But once you're on the trip, you might forget to make certain arrangements for when you come back. Do not forget to book your shuttle to the airport!

10th error:

Staying in the room past checkout time:

If you are asked to leave a hotel room by a specific time, it is because the maids have a very short window to empty, clean and tidy up the room before the next reservation. It is therefore very important to respect the checkout time so as not to disrupt the entire schedule of the hotel.

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