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10 places you should NEVER keep your cell phone.

10 places you should NEVER keep your cell phone.
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Almost everyone has their own cell phone. And for the most part, we never go out of the house without it! Some even bring it along with them to the bathroom... 

While the device is very practical it is also very addicting! Keeping it in certain places can be dangerous for the device, but also for your own health.

Here are 10 places where you shouldn't leave a cell phone.

1. Back pocket

It’s the favorite spot of many people! It is true that it is convenient to carry the phone in the back pocket of our pants.

But this process increases the risk of making accidental calls. Did you know that 30% of calls to 911 are accidental? We can bet that many of them are "pocket dialling"!

Also, if you often experience pain in your stomach and legs, it can also be a consequence of the phone in your pocket. It is also easy to forget the phone in a pocket which could break it or you could lose it.


2. Front pocket

Mostly men tend to slip their phone into their front pocket. 

But beware! Studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation from a phone negatively affects the quality and quantity of semen.

The longer a man keeps a phone in his pants, the higher the risk. So gentlemen, if you want to be a dad one day put that phone away...

Mikaela Shannon / Unsplash

3. Bra

While there is no medical consensus on the issue yet, some people believe that cell phone radiation cause cancer. 

Some scientists even believe that leaving a phone in your bra increases the risk of breast cancer.

Either way, it's not aesthetic! Store it somewhere else!


4. Hip

Wearing your phone close to your thigh weakens your hip bones, research shows. Take care of your bones, and put the device in a bag!


5. Skin

Do not keep your cell phone against your skin, as the bacteria from the screen transfer to the skin of your face. So how do you talk on the phone then? Simply leave at least 0.5-1.5cm between the device and your skin!

unsplash / Matthew Kane

6. Charger

Charging a phone is not harmful to your health (unless you are afraid of electromagnetic radiation if you stay close). But it is better not to let your phone charge overnight. This may shorten its battery life and reduce its effectiveness.


7. Cold places

If the temperature drops below the freezing point, don't leave your phone outside or in the car for a long time. The temperature difference is very damaging for these devices. When you bring your device to a warm place, condensation will form and this can cause problems with the internal elements of the phone. If you often go outside in the cold season, buy a phone case that will keep it warm.


8. Hot places

Very hot temperatures are also harmful to electronics. In hot weather, don't leave your phone in the car or on the beach. Also, it is better not to keep it near the stove if its on.


9. Strollers

Parents in a hurry often put their phones in their baby's stroller. Some researchers say it is dangerous because cell phones could cause problems like hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder.


10. Under the pillow

Don't fall asleep with your phone under your pillow.

At night, notifications may continue to ring and make the screen shine. Blue light affects the production of melatonin and this leads to sleep problems.

Over long periods of time, electromagnetic radiation can also cause headaches and dizziness.

There have also been cases of telephone explosions and fires. When you cover your phone with a pillow, you increase the chances of this happening. It is best to charge it away from you, from your bed.


These tips may seem surprising to you, but your health comes first! It is therefore better to agree to take a distance with your beloved phone!

Source: Brigth Side · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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