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10 smart ways to organize your laundry room to make your life easier.

10 smart ways to organize your laundry room to make your life easier.
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Laundry is a household chore that we need to do regularly ... It never ends! And even if we procrastinate, we must do it one day. No matter how many overflowing laundry baskets we have!

But even if washing and drying is boring, what people hate is the folding and storing.

But some tricks are there to make your life easier during your laundry weekends. Here are 10 tips to help you!

1. Do not lose socks anymore

The disappearance of socks in washing is an inexplicable phenomenon that has haunted people for decades. To avoid these frequent disappearances, attach a mesh bag to your laundry basket with clothespins. Then you just have to throw the mesh bag into the washing machine. When it's time to put everything away, you can pair your socks with ease!

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2. Make a laundry basket with wheels

When a basket is too heavy or difficult to carry, one may lose the motivation to bring it to the laundry room. Especially if you have to carry other objects ... or a child! A simple solution to this problem is gluing wheely toys, like wagons, to the bottom of your basket and pushing it wherever you need to go!

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3. Make a reminder

We have all already thrown in the dryer a piece of clothing that had to air dry. Sometimes the result is devastating and you can't wear your favorite garment anymore. To remember this kind of thing, just use dry erase markers to leave notes when you start your washing machine. When you come back to throw everything in the dryer, you will have a practical reminder of what needs to air dry.

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4. Organize the products

Install wall dispensers for your detergents and other cleaning products. It's pretty, practical, and out of children's reach.

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5. Add storage to the laundry room

Another way to make your laundry room more elegant and welcoming is to create storage with hooks and towel rails, for example. Add nice frames or other decorations to make a perfect place!

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6. Deodorize

The last thing you want is for your laundry baskets to emit a nasty smell! Clothes covered in sweat and dirt must be hung on towel rails or laundry baskets before being placed in the washing machine. This will prevent mildew growth and bad odors from filling your laundry room.

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7. Speed up drying

To make your clothes dry faster, put a big, clean towel into the dryer for the first 15 minutes of the cycle. It will absorb a lot of moisture!

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8. Dryer sheet alternative

If you run out of dryer sheets, make a ball with a piece of aluminum foil and put it in your dryer. It will remove static electricity and can be used up to 6 months!

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9. Avoid creases

To avoid unwanted creases on clothes that you dry on a rack, slide clean pool noodles over the bars to create a smooth, rounded surface.

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10. Fold clothes like a pro

If you want your closet or chest of drawers to look like what you see in magazines, make your own folding board, as shown at the end of the video at the end of this page!

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