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10 tips to keep your clothes looking brand new!

10 tips to keep your clothes looking brand new!
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If you recently went shopping or did some damage online, you probably already know how expensive new clothes are! That is why we should make the most of them and keep them looking new as long as possible. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your clothes in good shape.

1. Remove wrinkle with ice cubes 

Wrinkly clothes? Simply put a few ice cubes in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. It will create a steam effect and remove the wrinkles from your clothes. 

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2. Use a razor to get rid of pills

Pills on clothes make them look really worn-out and old! You can easily remove pills using a razor and some masking tape. First, wash the item then shave the parts with the most pills and use the tape to pick up the pilling. You can also use a lint roller if you have one.

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3. Homemade hat steamer 

Return the shape of your favourite hat by making your own steamer. Simply boil some water in a small pan, turn the heat on low and put the hat on top of it. The steam will straighten any creases and your hat will look like new! 

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4. Restore clothing that have faded

One of the biggest sign that your clothes have aged are faded colours. You can restore clothing with this very simple trick, add 1/2 cup of salt to the washing machine next time you start a cycle. Then, place your faded clothes and favourite detergent in the washing machine and pour another about 1/2 cup of salt into the drum. This trick also helps to prevent new clothes from fading! 

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5. Make clothes whiter

White clothes always turn out yellow somehow. Do you know this old grandma trick called laundry bluing? This bluing hack will add a very slight trace of blue dye which will make your clothes appear more white.


6. Button and zip before washing 

You should always take a few extra minutes to button and zip your clothes - yes including shirts - before throwing them in the washing machine. This will keep your buttons from loosening and prevent any clothes catching together. 

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7. Use dental floss to secure buttons

If the buttons of your favourite shirt are put to hard work, try to secure them with dental floss to prevent them from falling off. 

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8. Keep your shoes smelling fresh

To remove bad odour from your favourite shoes, simply put 1 tablespoon of baking soda in each shoe and cover the soles.

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9. Iron shirt collars easily

To make your shirt collars look impeccable, use a hair straightener to iron it!

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10. Unshrink cotton clothes 

To unshrink clothes that are made of cotton all you need is baby shampoo! Start by filling a bowl with lukewarm water and place your clothes inside. Add 2 tablespoons of baby shampoo and let the clothes soak for 30 minutes. Lay your clothes flat to dry. 

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