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10 tips to really make laundry easier and faster!

10 tips to really make laundry easier and faster!
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Doing the laundry is never fun and when you delegate this task to another family member you are scared your favourite clothes will get ruined! Here are 10 great tips to make this chore easier (for everyone) and faster!

1. Leave a note on the dryer

If you or someone else in the house always forget about that sweater that can't be dried in the dryer you definitely need this tip! Simply use an eraser marker to leave small notes on the dryer so you never ruin your clothes again. Works great if you are assigning tasks to your kids too! 


2. Aluminum foil balls

By adding small aluminium foil balls in your dryer you will prevent static and dry your clothes faster! A win-win! 


3. DIY Dryer sheet bin

If you have a small laundry room and no space for a regular garbage can, make your own one! It will prevent used dryer sheet to be all over the place and sometimes all over your house! Place it it in the wall to save even more space.

Polished Habitat

4. DIY Dryer Sheets

If you feel dryer sheets are a waste of money you can definitely make your own reusable ones! All you need is some scrap clothes, vinegar and your favourite safe essential oils. 

View from the fridge

5. DIY Drying Rack

If you lack space in your laundry room or don't have a dryer here is the hack for you! Turn a ladder into a suspended drying rack! You clothes will even dry faster since there's plenty of air circulating. 


6. Faster drying time

If you hate waiting 1 hour+ for your clothes to dry in the dryer, add in a dry towel to the mix! It will help your clothes dry faster. However, it should not be added in a load of dark clothes as it might leave some unwanted residues. 

Meegan Makes

7. Unshrink Clothes 

If you accidentally shrink your favourite pair of jeans or any clothing piece there is no need to buy a new one! Soak the piece of clothing in baby shampoo and water then roll up into a towel and gently stretch back to normal. Cheap and easy trick!

One Good Thing

8. Homemade "Steamer" 

Hate ironing? Us too! That's why we put ice cubes in the dryer to create a steam effect and help get rid of the wrinkles.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

9. Dryer Sheet Alternative

Another way to make your own dryer sheets is to soak sponges in a mix of fabric softener and water. You clothes will smell so good! 

the mamas girl

10. Line Drying

Drying your clothes on a drying rack will save you a considerable amount of moneyand is not as hard as you might think! Simply put the rack outside on your deck or a room with an open-window. You can relax while the clothes are drying and don't have to be scared to forgot them in the drier! See more ideas here

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Source: One Crazy House · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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