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10 traits babies will most likely inherit from their father.

10 traits babies will most likely inherit from their father.
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Every child is perfect in its very own unique way. They are generally a beautiful mix between the two parents, but sometimes they tend to look or act more like mom or dad. However, there are so traits that most babies will most likely inherit exclusively from the father. 

1. Eye color

If either parent has brown eyes, the baby is likely to have brown eyes. However, if the father has a recessive eye color like blue, and your eyes are brown, your baby will most likely have their father's blue eyes. 

 2. Color and type of hair:

The father's genes can determine to a greater extent what the color and texture of baby's future hair. We hope you like your partner's hair! 


3. Sense of humor

There's no gene that makes you more funny, it's more of a personality trait.  So, if daddy is jokester, the baby can easily pick up those traits just by looking at him.

4. Sleep habits 

Babies position and ease of falling asleep are traits usually inherited from their father. If your husband ever complaints about the baby not sleeping, he can only blame himself!

5. Height and weight 

Height and weight are genetic inheritance. If the baby's father is tall, chances are that the baby will be tall as well! Same goes for the weight.

6. Dental structure 

Dental health which includes dental fragility, shape and sensitivity to caries is a trait inherited from the father. We can only hope Daddy has good teeth!

7. Dimples

Many women LOVE dimples, however they are a highly inheritable trait from the father! If one of the parent have dimples, Baby will probably have them too, how adorable!

8. Toes

Toes are usually inherented from the dad and particularly, webbed toes if he is a carrier of Apert syndrome gene and is over 40 years old.

9. Fingerprint

There is a popular belief that this is a sneaky way for males to identify their offspring! 

10. Handedness

It is more likely that babies will share their dominant hand with their father over their mother.  

So even if women carry them for over 9 months, some babies just end up being the copy of their dad! Also, for many babies their first word will be "dada"! 

All jokes aside, every baby is a blessing and looking exactly like they are supposed to be! 

Do you have kids? If the answer is yes, are they looking more like you or your partner?

Source: Eddenya · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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