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10 unusual ways to use table salt, it's very good to know.

10 unusual ways to use table salt, it's very good to know.
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Salt is not just used to season your dishes. It also has many other uses.

It can indeed be used to mask odors, clean or to get rid of ants.

Here are 10 surprising uses for table salt:


Salt can be used to unclog sinks that have been blocked by food for example.

Just mix 1/4 cup of baking soda and the same amount of table salt in a bowl. Pour the mixture into the sink.

Wait half an hour before rinsing with hot water.


To remove the nasty smell from your shoes, sprinkle some salt inside the shoes and let it sit overnight.

Salt will absorb the smell and it will also deter bugs from nesting in your shoes.


Salt can also be a good way to get rid of ants. If you have spotted some ants in your house, you can sprinkle some salt on this spot.

You can also make a solution that contains one part salt and four parts water that you can spray on any place where there are ants.


To remove the bubbles when you wash the dishes, sprinkle a pinch of salt, to see to the bottom of your kitchen sink.


To stop a fire, pour a generous amount of salt on the flame. This tip works!

It is important to think of always keeping a bottle of table salt around when you're out barbecuing, for example!


To clean your bathtub, it is better to use salt rather than chemicals!

Mix salt with vinegar, grapefruit and turpentine or lemon and pour the mixture into your bathtub before rubbing with a sponge.

Your bathtub will be like new!


To remove grease from your pans, sprinkle some salt. Then use a sponge to rub and remove the grease.


When we cook, everyone hates having their hands that smell. To get rid of the smell, wet them and then rub salt all over them for one minute.

Rinse them with warm water and you're done!


To clean your shower curtains, salt can also be the solution. This prevents the mold from growing on the shower curtains.


And finally, if you spilled red wine on your carpet, pour a generous amount of salt on it and let it sit half a day.

The salt will absorb the stain. It works every time!

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