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10 ways your cat is telling you it loves you!

10 ways your cat is telling you it loves you!
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Cats are said to be independant, almost cold. It's true that felines do not act like dogs. That's why you would sometimes like your cat to talk to you, so you can understand him or her better. But even without words, you can recognize the signs of affection that your cat shares with you. Because yes, your cat loves you! And it is constantly looking for ways to communicate the extent of its feelings!

You can not read the thoughts of your furry friend. However, you can learn to recognize these few feline signals that do not lie!

Find out how your cat says "I love you"!

1. By kneading your leg with its paws

When your cat presses on your leg or knee with alternating paws, it does not want to sharpen its claws like it does on a carpet or a piece of furniture.

It is simply a way of showing you affection!

According to the experts, if your cat is rolled into a ball and kneads your knee when you pet it, it is to give affection back to you and tell you that it loves you too. The problem is that it can sometimes be painful for you... Because the more happy Kitty is, the more it sinks its claws.

You can put a blanket on you, so that this love manifestation does not leave you with marks!

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2. Giving you little head bumps

For humans, getting head bumps can seem pretty strange. However, this gesture shows that your cat really cares about you and that you matter a lot in its eyes.

Cats do this frequently among themselves, between members of the same group and among their families. In fact, they have hidden perfume glands that are concentrated in certain parts of their bodies, especially their cheeks and heads. It is a practice aimed at establishing a common smell within the family group. When it shares this smell with you, your cat wants to create a sense of belonging and a strong social bond between you two.

If a cat rubs its head against you, it's just trying to mark you with its scent and identify you as a member of its family. To leave this olfactory impression on you is as much a source of well-being, as a proof of familiarity and confidence on the part of your feline friend.

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3. Showing you its belly

When a cat shows you its belly, it's a way of saying, "I love you."

Like most other animals, cats do not show their bellies to anyone. It is a sensitive, vulnerable place. A cat that takes this position can be easily attacked, so it will only do it with a person it has total confidence in.

If your cat turns on its back and shows you its tummy, it is a sign that it feels good with you. It knows it's loved and protected by you, and it shows you great confidence by making itself vulnerable.

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4. By nibbling and licking you

For your cat, gently nibbling your finger is a way of showing love.

According to Dr. Karen Becker, "This demonstration of love from your cat can be slightly painful... But your cat does not really understand that this biting is not always pleasant for you. "

Cats are also used to biting each other affectionately and their skin is harder than ours.

When a cat licks you, it's trying to get rid of your parasites and your dead skin. In the wild, cats do this to help each other. According to Karen Becker, this is a sign of great affection. "It's the equivalent of being kissed. "

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5. By bringing you a "gift"

When your cat gives you presents, it proves that it is interested in you. These gifts can be in the form of small dead animals or toys. The nature of the gift will depend on the cat's character and whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat. However, the intention will be the same.

Since your cat does not see you hunting, it thinks you are starving, so it tries to bring you prey. This is what mom cats do for their little ones!

Amy Shojai, an animal behavior consultant, wrote: "cats first and foremost show their love with gifts. Those who are good hunters catch everything from toys to insects, mice or frogs, and often share their loot with those they love. If your cat offers you the product of its hunt, this is not trivial: your cat deserves to be congratulated and expects your gratitude in return. "

Even if finding a dead mouse at the foot of the couch can disgust you, remember that your cat friend offers it to you as a sincere show of love!

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6.By staring at you for a long time

You may have seen your cat staring at you and blinking slowly. Did you know that this is a sign of great affection? In cat language, it expresses an absolute trust in you, and the desire that you also trust him. It's like the smile exchanged between humans, a sign that says the other is friendly and will never hurt us.

Dr. Becker states, "This may be the easiest manifestation of cat love for humans to understand. If your cat starts staring at you, blinks, opens its eyes wide, then blinks slowly a second time, it's telling you that it loves you and trusts you. "

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7. Curving the tip of its tail

Your cat's tail can reveal the extent of its feelings for you!

On the Catster website, animal behaviorist and cat specialist Marilyn Krieger explained that "cats express happiness and warm feelings by inflating the base of the tail and making it slightly fuzzy. Simultaneously, they hold their tails upright with a slight curve at the end. "

According to this specialist, it is a kind of "happiness dance" the cat makes with its tail.

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8. Rubbing against your legs

If your cat will not stop rubbing itself against you, it's because it likes you a lot.

Dr. Becker mentions that "rubbing against an object or another living being is the way cats olfactorily mark the things they care about. If your cat rubs itself against your leg... it is transmitting its smell to you in order to mark you as its own." So this is something similar to the head bumps mentioned above. The cat wants to put its smell on you.

According to Becker, "It's important for your relationship with your cat to allow it to rub itself against you. It can only strengthen your link".

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9. Purring in a specific way

You have probably heard your cat purring. Purring is a behavior that is not yet fully understood by ethologists (scientists who analyze animal behavior). What is known, however, and surprising enough, is that cats only purr in the presence of humans, so it is a privileged way to communicate with us.

According to expert Amy Shojai, "A cat purring can mean a lot of things, from happiness to the expression of worry. And the purring of cats can vary from mild and subtle to as loud as a truck. "

Your cat purrs at a specific frequency with you. It's the ultimate demonstration of its love for you.

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10. Following you everywhere

It's not very common for cats to do this, but if your cat is seeking your presence and is following you around the house to stay close to you, then you have a very powerful emotional connection!

According to the site Mother Nature Network, "if your cat follows you from room to room, jumps on the tables and counters to be near you, and always seems to want to be in your way, it is clear that it appreciates your company. "

To check if your cat is following you because it is looking for your company, look at the time: if it's not time to eat, but it sticks around anyway, then you share something unique!


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