Tips and Tricks : 11 great hacks that all parents should know
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11 great hacks that all parents should know

Parenting hacks

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Some parents are very clever to find tricks and they have incredible tips to solve all the little problem that happen to us only when we have children. We thank these parents who found those great hacks, they are life saver.

Sometimes you don't know what to do to solve these little problems? Don't worry, you have everything at home to solve these problems! (Tape, drinking straws, rubber band, hair clip, sauce pot, self adhesive hook...)

Well you may find in this article solutions and tips to small problems that parents live everyday.

Here are 11 great ideas that all parents of young children must absolutely know:

1) Apply tape to the microphone of a toy to reduce the volume of this noisy toy.

2) Always have drinking straws for children in your handbag but put them in a toothbrush case.

3) A drinking straw and plastic wrap will be perfect if you do not have the cup for your child. He/She can drink easily with this cup.

4) Give children a hair clip to hold the soap bubble wand so it does not fall into the pot

5) Cut a sticker in half and stick them in your child's shoes so he/she knows which shoes is the left and the right.

6) Stick a self adhesive hook behind baby's highchair to hang all clean bibs

7) Always have a clean pacifier in your handbag by storing it in a disposable sauce pot

8) Create a TRAFFIC LIGHT, so your child will know where to cut the toilet paper: Stop at the RED light

9) Offer snacks to children in coffee filters, if you have changed your coffee maker for a Keurig machine. Do not throw them away.

10) Prevent little ones from wasting soap by wrapping a rubber band around the soap dispenser.

11) Mix 1 part of fabric softener and 1 part of water in a spray bottle. Spray on the hair of Barbies, dolls and little ponies. Leave for 20 minutes. Rinse lightly, untangle the hair with a comb and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

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