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12 absolutely genius sewing tips.

12 absolutely genius sewing tips.
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Sewing is a passion for some but a headache for other! Even if you do no wish to be a seamstress in this life, it is always very practical to have some sewing skills. 

Here are 12 brilliant sewing tips to make it a little easier.

1. Hairspray

Stop wasting time trying to put the thread through the eye of a needle again.All you have to do is spray a small amount of hairspray on the thread. It will make it so much easier!


2. Cardboard

To make sure your hem is perfect and even, take a few minutes to make a pattern from a piece of cardboard. This will make it easier to iron the fabric.


3. Paper Clips

When you need to sew several pieces of fabric, use paper clips. Needles might damage the fabric, this way you will be safe!


4. Glass Case

Keep your old glasses case, especially ff you are sewing often. It can still be used and turn into a small sewing kit, perfect for storing in your luggage or at home so you don't loose it again.


5. Sharpen scissors

Overtime you might notice that your scissors are no longer sharp like they used to be. To sharpen them, simply cut a steel wool or aluminum foil.


6. Nail polish

To secure a button, use this great and simple trick: apply a layer of transparent nail polish on the thread.


7. Soap Bar

You can kill two birds with one stone by sticking head pins into a bar of soap. First, you will no longer have to search for them, and they will slide more easily into the fabric.


8. Foam Toe Separator

Here's a great way to store small spools of wire, use small foam toe separator cushions! They are simply perfect for this purpose.


9. Washi Paper 

Did you know that a piece of Washi paper can be used as a measurement on your sewing machine? Leaving no glue residue, it will not damage the fabric.


10. Rubber Bands

To easily calculate the seam allowance, you can use rubber bands as a measure unit. Not only will they stay in place, but you can easily move them around and they are very cheap!


11. Ribbon

Are you always looking for you sewing scissors? Simply hang them on your neck with a ribbon, so you no longer have to search under a ton of fabric.

12. Use your thumb

By drawing 2 marks on your thumb, you can sew stitches at equal distance. Genius!


If you think you can help others with these sewing tips, do not hesitate to share them!

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Buzz Ultra

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