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12 amazing backyard landscaping ideas

12 amazing backyard landscaping ideas
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Do you like flowers, but you do not know how to plant them differently from your neighbors ? You want to be original and have the most beautiful garden of the neighborhood ? Here are 12 backyard landscaping ideas, to inspire you !

To change your landscaping, you can make an original planter for your flowers. For example, placing pots on top of each other or making a small wall with bricks and stones or wood. It's not difficult, but it takes a little time.

1. Mix of different shapes

The curves and edges with these bricks for a beautiful flowerbed near the entrance of your house.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

2. Make a spiral garden

Take stones of different sizes to easily make this spiral garden and plant herbs or plants.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

3. Bricks and stones

These bricks and plants are beautiful in this garden.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

4. Floral staircase

This wooden structure is as pretty as it is practical and allows to optimize space in a garden.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

5. Hexagonal planter

This hexagonal planter is really beautiful.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

6. A vegetable garden

This idea is much more aesthetic than using an old tire !

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

7. A very nice bench

The addition of planters on each sides of this bench makes all the difference. You can buy boards or use wooden pallet to create this beautiful bench.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

8. Flower shape

This structure will be even more magical at night, once the lights are on.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

9. Modern and simple

Simplicity is always a good idea ! This idea will be perfect in all environments, whether rural or modern.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

10. Make a stone path

The color of these stones reminds some seaside and evokes the holidays.

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

11. New kind of pyramid

In a corner or in the middle of the garden, here is a great idea to grow herbs and flowers !

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

12. Garden fence

Here is another great idea !

Souce : DIY Creative Ideas

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